Content creation & Digital marketing

We are a content-creating team who are creating resources for primary to AL school students and serving digital marketing industry


Creating contents for school student

We are creating content for primary student to senior student for Local & International curriculum for all subjects

Digital creation

Digital Marketing

We cover social media posts, Blog writing and SEO


Questions & answers

  1. Creating lesson plans.
  2. Creating activity sheet.
  3. Creating MCQ.
  4. Prepare model answers for the past papers.
  5. Creating model past paper.
  1. Must be have teaching experience.
  2. Who can create their own style of questions
  3. Who can have passionate about teaching

Maths, Science, English, Tamil, Sinhala, Foreign language such as German, French, Spanish etc

You can join as a part-time or full-time.

It is a remote work

It is flexible, you can provide 1 week notice.

You should have good computer literacy and fluency in typing?

You should prove your creativity in preparing educational resources

Yes we are looking voice over artist rarely, but you can send the CV to us we will contact you at the time of need

If your question is not listed below please contact us via email, we will answer ASAP


Who can join with us

Let us know how awesome you are and we will get in touch.

Let’s talk

Contact us

If you have any questions simply use the following contact details.

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